4 Steps to Find a Fuck Buddy

by BestFuckSites.com

Finding a fuck buddy may seem like an impossible dream but the truth is there are countless people out there that enjoy being friends with benefits. Rather than being bogged down with all the complications of a romantic relationship, fuck buddies simply have a strong physical connection and get to express that in the most enjoyable way.

The idea of a fuck buddy sounds like something from a movie or TV show - it's very much a real thing that people do! Knowing where to find a fuck buddy and how to approach the subject is of course going to increase your chances of finding a friend with benefits.

It may be a case of trial and error before you find someone that is up for being a fuck buddy but it's going to be worth the wait!

Finding fuck buddy

Know Where to Look

Online dating is perhaps your biggest tool for finding a fuck buddy. Yes, you could try to find someone at a bar or club and take it from there yet finding someone that actively wants a fuck buddy is very difficult in these circumstances.

Therefore, you want to take advantage of the various dating apps and websites out there, as many of these are designed for people looking for casual hook-ups, making it much easier to find a fuck buddy.

For example, Tinder is easily one of the best dating apps for finding a fuck buddy. A lot of users here want casual sex and if you score a hook-up and start having a few encounters, you can propose the idea of being fuck buddies.

Better still, using fuck websites such as Adult Friend Finder further are a great place for quickly finding a fuck buddy. These are dating sites and apps that focus on casual encounters and hook-ups, so finding a fuck buddy on here should be simple enough!

Choose the Person Wisely

The idea of a fuck buddy is great yet the situation can quickly get complex, especially if it involves someone you've known for a while. For instance, it's rarely a good idea to ask a long-term friend or ex if they want to be a fuck buddy - you've got to choose the person wisely or it's not going to happen!

When choosing someone to be a fuck buddy you need to make sure that they want the same thing. This is why using dating apps and sites that make your intentions very clear are recommended. Also, don't make the mistake of choosing someone that you have feelings for or who has feelings for you.

It's only going to end badly for someone if there are romantic feelings that aren't reciprocated! You want to avoid someone that might get possessive or jealous and make sure you don't end up acting this way, so carefully choose someone that is only interested in casual sex.

Gauge Their Interest

Immediately asking someone if they want to be a fuck buddy is never a good idea - you're going to rightfully come across as a creep.

Instead, you want to test the waters to see if it's something they'd be interested in, after which you can make the broach the subject. For example, you could try exchanging some flirty messages for a day or so to see how they respond - you want a sign they're interested in you otherwise you need to back off.

If they start sending back flirty messages, you can then step things up a notch by starting sexting, sending nudes, or suggesting you hang out. Should they show interest in you, there's a good chance you've found a fuck buddy.

Quickly Broach the Subject

Once you know someone is interested in you want to act fast and see if they are interested in being fuck buddies.

The longer you wait to ask someone to be a fuck buddy the more complicated its going to be, especially if you've already hooked up. You need to make your desires clear from the offset and determine if they want the same - don't wait around hoping for them to suggest it.

Plus, you can't not let them know what you view the situation as. You may think you have a fuck buddy but they might think it's something more, so you always need to be clear about what you want as soon as you broach the topic.