Is Emotional Attachment to Your Sex Buddy Normal?


Relationships are important and they do play an important role in our lives. When you are talking about sexual relationships, things are same too as sexual relationships are important also. You can't spend your life without having a sex partner. You need someone whom you can love and have sex to give your body its need and please you as well.

You enjoy sex with certain people. But in some cases you hire some sex partner. You pay her to live with you and spend time with you so that you can have sex with her often.

It is okay to have feelings for your sex partner is she was your friend etc but it can be really bad if you are having feelings for the sex partner who is a call girl and is taking money from you to get laid with you.

Coming towards to the question that is it normal to have attachment with your sex partner? Well, the answer to this question can be a "yes" but it will still depend on both of the partners. What are the things which are a key to make you attached your sex partner? Let's find out below.

Emotional Attachment

Don't Get Personal

When things are too personal with your sex partner feelings can be developed. It means that you should just focus on having sex and pleasing you instead of talking to her too much and telling her your personal things.

When you both start to chat with each other a lot, things go to worst. You share your little things and it makes her emotional from your side also. So, don't go personal and stay in your limit so that the girl doesn't follow you considering her lover.

Well, now we talk about in which situation it is normal if you are emotional to your sex partner? Let's find out that too.

When Both Have Same Feelings It Is Good

Well, if both the partners are having same feelings about each other then things can work. If both have feelings for each other, there will be balance. Both of them will understand each other and they will know what the other person means to him/her and they will act accordingly. They will enjoy the sex even more as they are not doing it for some pleasure or money but they are doing it to love the person for whom they have feelings for.

Keep in mind if one person is having the feeling and other person doesn't have them, everything will still be in vain. So, the mutual feelings and sharing of thoughts is really important in this type of sexual relationships where one is having feelings for other.

Well, now we talk about how it can affect you if the other person is not even thinking about you.

It Can Be Hurting If Other Person Is Not Into It

If only one person is thinking about other and having feelings for other person, things will end up on the down side. In this situation when the one who is having feelings confesses and receives the negative news he/she will be hurt. She will think that she has been used as a thing to enjoy for the sake of sex. So, this is a risk of getting emotionally hurt if your sex partner is only foxed on giving you sex services apart from having feelings for you.

Confess When You Feel It's A Green Signal

When you spend time with someone and do sex with her too you will know most of its habits and thinking. You can judge it easily whether she is interested in you or not. So, always confess when you think the girl likes you too otherwise you can get hurt.

So, this explains everything about emotional feelings with your sex partners.