Fun Things to Do With Your FWB or Sex Buddy


We all love to have friends and our life can't be normal if we don't have friends. There are different categories of friends also. Some friends are very special to us and they are with us at any instance and some friends are important but they are not special. There are some random friends also. They all play a role in our lives to keep us living with fun.

There are some opposite gender friends that are so special that you also love each other. You both do sex with each other without falling in serious love. You both enjoy having sex and pleasing each other.

Even if you friends with benefits which are called FWB also, you need something exciting between you two to keep things spicy and entertaining. What are the fun things that you can do with your sex buddy to enjoy if even more. Let's find out few.

Sex Buddy

Try Different Sex Toys

Well, this can be really exciting as you both can go outside to buy some fancy and amazing sex toys. You guys can play with that sex toys whole night and enjoy having them In between you. There is variety of toys available in the market that is also in different shapes and sizes. You can enjoy different games with those toys and add creativity and fun to the way you two are having sex with each other.

You both can watch different porn movies or videos to find out how some of the toys can be used to please each other. So, adding toys in your lovely nights can turn both of you on for long time and it will allow you to keep it interesting every time.

Enjoy Different Sex Platforms

You both can enjoy with other people on different sex platforms. There are different online sex websites where you guys can enjoy interacting with other people. There are websites which involves webcams. Many people from around the world visit those sites to see some real people and their bodies. You both can go nude in front of cams and enjoy being there.

You can see the reaction of the people and ask them to do different things. You can ask them to touch their bodies and do different stuff to see both of you having live sex. I bet you, there are many people who are into this and they just do everything to see live sex. So, this can be a funny thing to enjoy.

Enjoy Filming

This is another great thing that you can do with your FWB or sex partner. You guys can film you both while doing the sex. You can create some clips or a short movie type where you can use different sex toys to get into certain situations and see what you both. It can be fascinating to see the video afterwards to see how sexy you both were looking while doing the sex.

You guys can see some funny and hot shapes of your body while watching the videos. Make sure you delete those videos permanently after watching.

Different And Extreme Sex Positions

The best thing about these types of relationships is that you are not bound to stay into a certain limit. You know your friend will not mind even if you are doing something unusual or dirty. You guys can enjoy some extreme ways or positions with some dangerous toys to please bodies of each other.

So, this explains some of the fun which can help you enjoy with your FWB or sex buddy.