How to Turn Your Sex Partner Into Your Girlfriend


No strings sex is great fun initially but it usually runs its natural course for most people. While this isn't necessarily a problem, many people want to turn their relationship with their sex partner into something more meaningful but doing so is often easier said than done.

In fact, many modern relationships start as nothing more than a hook-up. A few encounters later and you hit the status of a no strings relationship, but before long there is a time when you both decide what you want. This usually leads to a relationship or parting ways.

Looking to ensure you end up in a relationship with your no strings attached partner? Check out some of these tips to make it happen:

Turn Your Sex Partner Into Your Girlfriend

Make Plans for the Future

This isn't about setting a date months in advance but rather just planning something soon. Casually ask her if she'd like to hang out, go for a coffee when she's next free, or even go to something like a gig together.

Anything that strays away from a casual sex encounter gives the opportunity to connect on a more personal level. Simply hanging out with her is one of the best ways to grow closer together and possibly lead to a relationship.

Open Up

When a relationship is purely sexual, it's easy for the little moments to get lost in all the casual fun, so if you want her to become something more then it's important to be open with her. This doesn't mean tell her you want a relationship after a few hook-ups, bur rather changing the focus on the relationship.

If its all abut sex, try to let them know more about yourself. Talk about stupid things that mean a lot to you, something from your childhood, or how work is going for you -- anything that let's them know more about the real you.

You may feel vulnerable going from casual to serious, but this is an important risk to take as you need them to know who you are or she'll never be your girlfriend. It may not work, but you will be glad for taking the risk!

Show Her You Care

You can always show a no strings partner you care about them and it's an important step to take to make them see you as something more than a hook-up. Try to show an interest in their lives, listening to what they say and responding appropriate.

It could be something as casual as asking about her work, her friends, family, or anything in her life. Follow this up the next time you get the chance, showing you actively listen and care about her, which is an effective way of subtly showing that the relationship could be something more.

Know When to Back Off

This may be counterintuitive of the last point about showing her you care, but sometimes taking a backstep works quite well. It's cliché to say but absence does make the heart grow fonder. When holding back there is a certain degree of interest that arises from the situation, especially with a sex buddy.

It is also a good way to determine whether she may want something more serious. If you aren't getting any requests to hang out or hook-up then she may not be interested long-term, but if there is a sign of something more, then you can act on it.

However, it is important to strike up a balance. Being distant for too long is never going to work but allowing each other to enjoy some autonomy from each other is a great way to establish a strong foundation for a relationship.