What Is "DTF" And Some Tips for Finding DTF Sex Online

by BestFuckSites.com

What is DTF?

DTF is a slang term for 'down to fuck', basically referring to anyone that is ready and willing to fuck, usually with no strings. You don't need to look far to find people that are DTF - lots single people out there are certainly ready to have sex someone they've just met.

This is great news for anyone looking to get laid, because there is no shortage of options out there, both male and female. Of course, in our digital age most of these causal hook-ups are arranged online, whether it's social media sites like Facebook or dating apps like Tinder. Using these online resources makes it much easier to find someone that is down to fuck!

down to fuck

Tips for Finding DTF Sex Online

Single and looking to get laid? Then there are many ways to find people that are DTF online. It requires some time and commitment on your end but doing so significantly ups your chances of finding a casual hook-up online.

Let's take a look at some tips for finding DTF sex online!


You've probably heard of popular fuck sites like Tinder and it's without a doubt your best resource for finding DTF sex online. Users create a profile that is connected to a Facebook account - we recommend making a new private account specifically for finding DTF sex on Tinder - and are then matched with profiles.

The great thing about Tinder is most people are on it for casual sex. Yes, there are lots of users that don't take it as seriously as others (meaning a lot of time wasters), but you will more people that DTF on Tinder than almost any other place online.

Tips for Using Tinder to Get DTF Sex

You need good photos first and foremost - it's the first point of contact and will increase your chances of getting DTF sex. Look for some nice photographs of yourself, preferably showing your flattering features - if you're in shape don't be shy to show it off either. A photo in a social situation is also good.

Swipe right as often as possible - the more matches the more likely you are to find a hook-up.

Once you match with someone don't be hesitant and send the first message - if you get one first then even better. Try casual conversation first, compliment her looks, asking about interests, how their day/weekend was, what she's got panned.

Suggest going for drinks or meeting somewhere that day/night (night time is always better for getting DTF sex). Offer your number and say to message that way and if you get a text that day then you may be on to a winner.

Never waste time messaging after 24 hours of contact. They have dozens of people messaging each day, so if you aren't in there early it's probably a waste of your time - playing the long game rarely gets you DTF sex.

Other Dating Sites for Finding DTF Sex

Tinder isn't the only online resource for finding DTF sex, although it's probably your best bet due to sheer number of users on there. Still, the tips for finding casual sex on Tinder applies to all these sites.

To increase your chances of getting laid, we recommend trying some other dating sites.


Another dating app but this one uses GPS to find specific hook-ups in your area. Again, lots of users make it a good choice, especially if you travel a lot and want to find DTF people on your travels. It may require more of a dedicated approach to finding DTF users though, as many use it for dating and relationship finding.


One of the classic dating sites and one worth trying. It's got a huge userbase and lots of people that are DTF and you can state this quite clearly in your answers to the site questionnaire. This matches to other DTF people and you can add filters for casual sex too, making it very easy to arrange a DTF encounter.