Fuck Buddy Relationship Rules for Women

by BestFuckSites.com

Every kind of relationship, even one where it is casual comes with rules. Fuck buddy relationships bring with them their own rules. Ones that are for women only. What are those rules? Let's review some fuck buddy rules for women.

Fuck buddy fules

Be Safe

The first rule in any relationship is that you need to be safe. Fuck buddy relationships often start with someone that you don't know. Always meet for the first time in a public place.

It is also incredibly important that you use protection while you are hooking up. Male and female condoms are two of the most popular options. Protection is designed not just to protect you against getting pregnant but against disease.

If you are in a fuck buddy relationship it never hurts to keep a condom close.

Don't Expect To Have Sex Whenever

Guys like sex, a lot. That doesn't mean that they are free whenever. It is important that you try to schedule as many of your encounters as possible. When you can't schedule one, you need to accept that you might not always be able to make last-minute hookups.

Do Experiment

Many people are nervous to ask to try fun things like BDSM or kinks. Fuck buddies offer you a great opportunity to try your fantasies because you don't have to worry about the buddy judging you. And if they do judge you, you can always find a new buddy.

Don't Blur The Lines

Having established lines is important in a fuck buddy relationship. You should be having fun, spending time having sex. There is even the possibility that you might want to be friends. What you don't want to do is act like someone in a relationship.

No holding of hands, no staying the night, and no going on dates.

To help keep your lines firm, if you are going to hang out as friends, try to do it with other people. That way you won't blur the lines and feel like you were dating.

Be Honest

It isn't too uncommon for one to start developing feelings for someone that they sleep with. Whether that person is a fuck buddy or a serious relationship. If you start developing feelings for your partner, it is important that you discuss those feelings.

Spend Time Setting Boundaries

You need to take the time to talk before you start your fuck buddy relationship. During that time, make sure to set what is okay and what isn't. These boundaries will help you to know what is good and what isn't. This will prevent mistakes like dropping your fuck buddy standing in front of friends.

Another important thing to discuss is whether or not you have other partners. On top of that, if you do have other partners, what you need to mention about them. Some fuck buddies just like to know that they aren't the only ones so that they don't start developing feelings.

Prepare What You Want To Say If…

There is always a chance that a friend or roommate will meet your fuck buddy in passing. Maybe, they see them leaving as they are coming over. It is important that you know what you can and can't say. For example, whether it is okay to say you are fuck buddies or if you should say you are just friends.

Find Someone You Can Care About And Respect

Yes, you are just fucking but it is still important to look for someone that you both care for and respect. A fuck buddy isn't a traditional relationship but there still needs to be an attraction there. Look around and don't just sleep with the first person that you find.

Don't Keep Fucking After You Find A Partner

After you find someone for a serious relationship, it is important that you stop your fuck buddy relationship. Many people will start to lose their proper vision on the fuck buddy relationship once you have a serious relationship.

That said, many people with a modern view on dating are okay with having fuck buddies and a serious partner. The decision on this one is yours but we caution against it.

Now that you know the most important fuck buddy rules for women you will be better equipped to go into a fuck buddy relationship. Get to fucking and enjoying yourself. Fuck buddies are slowly becoming the most popular type of relationship out there. Why not try it out?