How to Make Your Sex Buddy Want You Bad


A fuck buddy is one of the best sexual experiences you will ever have. You have the ability to enjoy yourself without any of the commitment. You can be friends, but even that is optional. Sex buddies are people too though, the more that you turn them on, the more that you will enjoy the experience.

With that in mind, how do you make your sex buddy want you badly? Let's explore.

Make her want you bad

Pay Attention Outside Of Sex

Learn from everything that your fuck buddy tells you. They will talk about things they like and things that they enjoy. Because of the openly sexual nature of your relationship, they will tend to let their walls drop and mention things such as their deepest desires. Pay attention to everything they say.

Once you have learned something from what you talk about outside of sex, make sure that you use it to provide the most enjoyment possible. Both male and female partners love when you pay attention to what they say, it shows that you care.

Pay Attention During Sex

Paying attention during sex is a skill that takes some time to develop. Developing it though can help you to learn even more about what your partner desires. Keep your eyes open and look for pleasure faces. Also, learn to notice body movements and noises that are an indication of enjoyment.

The more time that you spend learning what your partner likes and using it, the more that your fuck buddy will want to play with you.

Don't Over Fuck

It is possible to have so much sex with someone that you lose enjoyment over the act. Learn to find the balance between having a lot of sex and too much sex. That doesn't mean that you can't keep having sex, just don't have too much with the same person.

Some people balance this out by having multiple fuck buddies. Others will have one night stands in addition to their fuck buddy. Further, others will just space out their time that they spend fucking.

Smile A Lot

It may seem odd because most of us think we already smile a lot. In truth, we don't smile nearly as much as we think we do. That being said, someone who smiles a lot is far more attractive to a fuck buddy than someone who won't smile.

Even a forced smile can do you some good. Just do your best to make it feel real.

Flirt With Them

Just because you are having a casual fuck buddy relationship doesn't mean that you can't make her feel special. Instead of just hooking up, make sure that you flirt with your partner. Flirting will make them special. What you don't want to do is make sure that you don't cross the line into traditional relationship status.

One thing that you don't want to do is get her gifts. A little chocolate here and there can be good but nothing else.

We tend to think that flirting is mainly the guy's responsibility but both parties should flirt with each other. Especially in a fuck buddy style relationship. Everyone, no matter the gender, will want to feel wanted. It is human nature.

Enjoy Yourself

No one wants to sleep with someone who doesn't enjoy themselves. Don't spend all of your time pleasuring your partner. Instead, spend a good amount of time doing double duty. Enjoying yourself while pleasuring your partner.

Remember what we said about smiling? Don't forget to smile to show you are enjoying yourself. Should you find that you aren't enjoying yourself that is probably a sign that you need to find a new fuck buddy. Only be with someone you can enjoy or you will find that you start to lose interest in sex. No matter how horny of a person you are, you can always be turned away from sex.

Use these tips to get the most out of your fuck buddy relationship by making them want you. It isn't too hard to make someone want you, do the logical things and don't try overly hard. You will see that many of these tips that we have mentioned here will come perfectly natural after a while.