Is It Good to Have A Sex Buddy Relationship With Your Best Friend?


A sex buddy relationship is a great thing when done right. While many people may want to avoid doing this with someone they are best friends with, it still has the protentional to be fun and fulfilling for all involved.

What better person to have sex with than someone that you trust, respect, and have great fun with? If both of you are single and happy to enjoy some casual fun, there isn't truly anything wrong with a sex buddy relationship.

However, given the fact that casual sex often blurs the lines between friendship and something more, there are risks to having a sex buddy relationship with your best friend. Every situation is different, but it's easy for emotions of the situation to change the balance of your friendship and the sex buddy relationship.

That said, a sex buddy relationship with a best friend has the potential to be a fantastic experience. Here's why:

Friends with benefits

They Can Last

Friends with benefits can last many years, often longer than most relationships, although they are often on-and-off again arrangements. This espiecally true for anyone in their 20s and 30s, where relationships tend to come and go before settling down into something serious.

A sex buddy relationship can last throughout all of this. Yes, you may not always be having sex together, but the chance to do so when the opportunity arises over the years is always nice to have.

You Get What You Want

Relationships are a tricky thing to navigate but with a sex buddy relationship you are as direct as you want to be. The ability to simply say exactly what you want from sex without any issues is very liberating, especially for women that may struggle to know what they want or enjoy.

With a friends with benefits situation, both people known exactly what is happening, so there is an opportunity to explore your sexuality. Saw a new position you want to try? Want to work on your dirty talk? Just say it to your buddy and you are gold!

After all, sex the main point of the arrangement, so its easier to get expertly what you want.

Enjoy Your Freedom

Not everyone is ready for a serious relationship. Cuddling, constantly spending time together, having to commit to things you don't necessary want to - these are all things that people with a sex buddy relationship want to avoid.

Friends with benefits get to enjoy a vibrant sex life but without any commitments to the other person. Sometimes people just aren't in the mindset for a relationship but want to enjoy sex, so with a sex buddy relationship with you get the best of both.

It's Easy to End

Most sex buddy relationships run their course. The best thing about this is that ending it is usually very easy. You aren't in a committed relationship and there are no serious attachments, making it easy to call it a day when you are ready to.

Nobody should have issues ending it. Whether the sex isn't quite the same or you or they meet someone else, things should be simple enough to end. The parameters of the relationship where clear from the offset, so ending it should be easy enough to do.

Plus, if you want to pick things back up it shouldn't be difficult either!